Trump’s Anti-Semitic, Nazi, Ebola Death-Cult Goes Viral


CopyPasteOC.pngThis seemingly innocent cartoon has recently created a buzz on social-media with the disgusting and vile anti-Semitic rhetoric that it seems to be a symbol of. Anti-Semitism is nothing new, but this story comes with a punch-line. The people using this sweet little girl to promote their offensive hate-speech are none other than supporters of Donald J. Trump!

Just what are these zealous Trump disciples saying that is so offensive? It appears that they believe this innocent little girl is a type of goddess. A goddess who exists for the sole purpose of spreading Ebola within the promised land and the rightful home of Jews across the world, Israel.

The young and hateful person below seems to have just concluded a blood sacrifice aimed at finally annihilating the Jewish race.


Another individual has tweeted what appears to be a Jewish religious symbol drawn in blood in-front of a shrine to their goddess.


Finally, you can see the devastatingly effective propaganda they are preparing and distributing illegally to their followers(note the red #MakeAmericaGreatAgain hats).


Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump has not commented or disavowed the actions of his most devoted and loyal followers. His campaign seems to have taken a turn for the worse as he starts to focus on worshiping “Anime Goddesses”, conducting “Anti-Semitic Blood Rituals”, and trying to “Spread her love(The Ebola Virus) in Israel”. It is the opinion of the author that Donald J. Trump’s Anti-Semitic, Nazi, Anime, Ebola Death-Cult be stopped at all costs!

It is quite upsetting, but this level of horrific, Anti-Semitic, bigotry has not been seen since the second World War. This author can only hope that the world can come to its senses, before history repeats itself.


Author: Yari Rappaport

Yari Rappaport is the chief editor of The Jewish Web. He is a survivor of the Holocaust, and was born at the Auschwitz extermination facility inside of a gas chamber. As his mother was being exterminated by the Germans, her final demonstration of strength and defiance was to give birth to little Yari on the floor of the gas chamber itself. He is a living testament to the strength and will of the Hebrew peoples and inspires millions across the globe.